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Mar 7, 2022 9:05:00 AM

Our concept is based on over 10 years of extensive research in the field of personalized medicines.

Niklas Sandler Topelius, our Founder and CSO, spent many years in the pharma industry discovering ways to enable better treatments for patients with induvial needs that can not be met with current available treatments. It has long been evident that customised treatments are needed and Niklas was confident that better options could be achieved somehow.

Niklas run into 3D printing and started investigating options using regular ink yet printers. He bought one in a regular supermarket near Åbo Akademi University, where he served as professor in pharmaceutical technology. He emptied the cartridges with ink and replaced it with pharmaceutical ingredients. The results where accurate and extremely promising.

Since then, Niklas has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and about 60 of them within the field of 3D printing medicines and he has been key note speaker on industry events all over the world. He has also been noted on the Medicine Maker Power List 2020.

It’s clear that 3D printing medicines is not only about having a 3D printer in place. The pharma industry is, and should be, heavily controlled and regulated to ensure patient safety. Niklas has invented a compliant full service concept called “Medicine-as-a-Service” which enables unique, personalized treatments close to the patient.

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Image: Niklas and a 3D printer back in 2012

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Video: Niklas presenting at Slush 2015

CurifyLabs is constantly collaborating with academic partners on many markets.

Would you like to read articles by Niklas Sandler Topelius and his team?

Here’s a few to start with:

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