"Being in hospital and fighting diseases is always very difficult, and every little detail that helps a child feel good is priced in gold"

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Jan 31, 2024 11:30:00 AM

Tartu Postimees, the Estonian daily newspaper, wrote an article about the Pharma Kit which we are summarizing below:

The pharmacy at the University of Tartu Clinic is celebrating the arrival of the Pharma Kit, the first of its kind in Europe, which promises to revolutionize pediatric medication dosing. With the generous contributions from supporters like the Children's Fund and Baltic Agro, this technology is a significant leap forward in patient-tailored treatment.

Senior pharmacist Jana Lass explains that traditionally, pharmacies have had to resort to laborious methods like crushing adult medications and weighing out doses for children, since the pharmaceutical industry's primary focus has been on adult patients. The 3D tablet printer now allows for the creation of precise and easy-to-consume medication forms, eliminating the need for cumbersome powders and ensuring children receive the exact dosage required.

Using 'pharma ink' composed of various excipients, the active ingredient is added just before printing. The printer’s integrated weighing mechanism guarantees each tablet's weight is exactly checked, ensuring exact dosage with real-time feedback on any deviations.

Professor Katrin Õunap from the Centre of Excellence in Rare Diseases highlights the transformative impact of this technology. She shares compelling cases where children with specific medical conditions required extremely precise doses that were challenging, if not impossible, to measure with traditional methods. The Pharma Kit not only simplifies this process but also offers significant cost savings.

Ants Puusta, CEO of Baltic Agro, remarks on the importance of investing in the health of children and young people, recognizing them as our future. Such support, he hopes, will foster a generation that will contribute positively to society.

Siiri Ottender-Paasma, the Head of Strategy at the Children's Fund, emphasizes that the new Pharma Printer alleviates a major worry for children and families—administering medicine to a child. In the challenging times of hospital stays and disease battles, this technological advancement is, as she poetically notes, "priced in gold," making each step of recovery a little bit easier for the young patients.

Read the full article by : https://tartu.postimees.ee/7948626/kliinikumi-apteek-sai-euroopas-ainulaadse-3d-tabletiprinteri