Matthias Mieves from the German Parliament Visits CurifyLabs

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Feb 15, 2024 4:09:24 PM

Matthias Mieves from the German Parliament Visits CurifyLabs

We were delighted to host the visit of Matthias Mieves, a member of the German Bundestag from the Social Democratic Party (SPD), today at CurifyLabs. This visit underscores the importance of political support and interest in fostering technological innovation and its potential impact on society and the economy.

Mieves's interests align closely with social welfare, digitalisation of healthcare, and innovation, making this visit particularly relevant. It reflects a broader trend of politicians engaging directly with the innovation ecosystem to better understand the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Our focus on leveraging technology to solve real-world health problems aligns with the SPD's agenda of enhancing public health services and ensuring equitable access to healthcare. Mieves's visit provides an invaluable opportunity for direct dialogue between policymakers and innovators, potentially paving the way for supportive policies and collaboration.

The visit served as a platform for meaningful dialogue between the tech sector and the political sphere. Discussions covered a range of topics, including the challenges faced by startups in scaling their solutions in the very fragmented healthcare system, regulatory hurdles, and the potential for public-private partnerships to accelerate innovation in healthcare. By engaging directly with CurifyLabs, Mieves can gain firsthand insight into the innovative work being done and the potential barriers to its adoption and impact.

The visit of Matthias Mieves to CurifyLabs represents a positive step towards bridging the gap between politics and technology. It underscores the importance of collaboration and dialogue between policymakers and the tech industry in fostering innovation that can address societal challenges. As Germany continues to navigate the healthcare system complexities of the 21st century, such interactions will be crucial in shaping a future where technology and policy work hand in hand for the greater good. This event was a promising indicator of the supportive ecosystem developing around innovation in Germany, suggesting a bright future for startups like CurifyLabs and the communities they aim to serve.