CurifyLabs Announces Biopharma Expert Jamie Campbell as New Board Chair

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Feb 29, 2024 12:55:17 PM

HELSINKI, February 29th, 2024 – CurifyLabs, a leading health technology company providing automated solutions for producing personalized medicine, announces today the appointment of Jamie Campbell as the new Chair of the Board. This strategic appointment further strengthens CurifyLabs' position as the company continues growth in Europe and expansion to the North American market.

Campbell brings extensive experience from the biopharma industry. He has held multiple senior leadership positions in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, including the Swiss Roche and Novartis, founded Toronto-based Tulkita Technologies, a digital transformation and innovation consultancy, and served as Chief Executive Officer of Nordic Healthcare Group, a leading expert in solving complex health and social care challenges.

“CurifyLabs is shaping the future of personalized medicine with its pioneering solution ensuring all patients receive the best possible treatment,” Campbell. “By treating people as individuals and utilizing the best available technology, we not only conserve resources but also improve healthcare outcomes. This benefits patients, pharmacists, and society as a whole. I’m thrilled to join the CurifyLabs team as chairman to help continue its rapid growth and success.”

CurifyLabs provides automated solutions for producing personalized medicine in hospitals and compounding pharmacies. CurifyLabs’ solution, Pharma Kit, combines innovative printable Pharma Inks with automated dosing technology and quality control, making the production of personalized medicine easier, faster, and more cost-efficient for pharmacists.

With a presence across Europe, CurifyLabs serves leading pharmacies and hospitals, such as Charité Hospital, Helios Hospitals and Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany, Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland, and Delpech Pharmacie in France. The company continues on a strong growth path, further extending its presence in Europe and breaking into the US market.

“We're thrilled to welcome Jamie as our new Chair. His extensive experience in health technology and the pharmaceutical industry provides valuable insights for improving healthcare outcomes. Additionally, Jamie's strong entrepreneurial background and comprehensive understanding of the North American markets uniquely position us for successful entry into a new market," says Charlotta Topelius, co-founder and CEO of CurifyLabs.


About CurifyLabs
CurifyLabs is a Finnish health tech company developing solutions for producing personalized medicines in hospitals and compounding pharmacies. CurifyLabs' automated on-demand manufacturing concept, “the Pharma Kit” and printable pharmaceutical inks, enable personalized mass customization of medicines, allowing patient safety and efficacy at a significantly lower cost. CurifyLabs was founded in 2021 by Charlotta Topelius and Niklas Sandler Topelius. The patented solution is based on over a decade of academic research by Niklas Sandler. In 2023, CurifyLabs became the first company globally to launch GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) produced Pharma Inks for 3D printable medicines. CurifyLabs has customers in eight European countries and employs a team of 20 professionals.