Pharmacie Delpech Paris First in France to Implement CurifyLabs Technology For Patients

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Mar 8, 2024 10:38:12 AM

Press release

PARIS, March 8th, 2024 – Finnish health technology company CurifyLabs and Pharmacie Delpech Paris have announced a partnership aimed at enhancing the production of personalized medicine using CurifyLabs' innovative automated compounding solution. Pharmacie Delpech Paris is the largest preparatory pharmacy in Europe and carries out an average of 1850 prescriptions per day. Pharmacie Delpech Paris partners with CurifyLabs to enhance the preparation processes with CurifyLabs’ automated solution for producing personalized medicines.

The demand for personalized medicine is increasing. Uniformed drug treatments often fall short of addressing the unique needs of patients. Personalized treatment and medication are crucial, especially for cancer patients and children. According to a report by the European Commission, currently, over 50% of medicines are not registered for use in children.

Charlotta Topelius, co-founder and CEO of CurifyLabs, says: "There’s a significant need for producing personalized medicine. However, the current manual compounding procedures are manual and time-consuming. We bring automation to pharmacy compounding, making the production of personalized medicine easier, faster, and more cost-efficient for pharmacists."

CurifyLabs’ solution, Pharma Kit, combines innovative printable Pharma Inks with quality control and dosing technology inspired by 3D printing technology, making compounding more accessible, cost-effective, safe, and scalable.

Fabien Bruno, Owner of Pharmacie Delpech Paris says: "With CurifyLabs' efficient manufacturing solutions, we can produce customized treatments with enhanced efficiency, speed, and quality, thereby increasing our production capacity. We're thrilled to be the first pharmacy in France to use this technology for patients and to be at the forefront of pharma tech development.”

Charlotta Topelius concludes: "We are happy to spearhead the pharma industry into a new era in partnership with Pharmacie Delpech Paris which is a global pioneer in producing personalized medicine. We are extremely pleased to bring automated compounding solutions as part of Delpech’s advanced compounding processes. We share a vision to promote the wider adoption of personalized treatments and enhanced care for patients with unique needs.”


About CurifyLabs
CurifyLabs is a Finnish health tech company developing solutions for producing personalized medicines in hospitals and compounding pharmacies. CurifyLabs' automated on-demand manufacturing concept, “the Pharma Kit” and printable pharmaceutical inks, enable personalized mass customization of medicines, allowing patient safety and efficacy at a significantly lower cost. CurifyLabs was founded in 2021 by Charlotta Topelius and Niklas Sandler Topelius. The patented solution is based on over a decade of academic research by Niklas Sandler. In 2023, CurifyLabs became the first company globally to launch GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) produced Pharma Inks for 3D printable medicines. CurifyLabs has customers in 8 European countries and employs a team of 20 professionals.

About Pharmacie Delpech Paris
Founded in 1873, Pharmacie Delpech Paris is one of the first compounding pharmacies in France. It has grown to be the largest preparation center in Europe, averaging 1,850 preparations daily. Recognized by ARS for subcontracting, Delpech is also among the first French pharmacies to receive ISO 9001 certification. Today, Pharmacie Delpech Paris is a leading entity in the masterful preparation field. The preparatory team consists of 107 employees, including 16 pharmacists, 75 pharmacy technicians, 9 administrative staff, and 7 logistics personnel.