Making Personalized Medicine More Accessible: The Case for Automation in Compounding Pharmacies

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May 14, 2024 9:15:00 AM
Making Personalized Medicine More Accessible: The Case for Automation in Compounding Pharmacies

At CurifyLabs, we are deeply involved in the everyday challenges faced by compounding pharmacies. The need for protective gear in our labs isn't a remnant of the COVID-19 pandemic; it's a daily reality. Creating personalized medications is a tough job, requiring not just expertise but also significant protection for those handling various drug substances.

The Realities of Compounding Pharmacy Work

Every day, we talk with pharmacists who tell us about the pressing challenges they face, especially the shortage of skilled staff. One of our clients, a chief pharmacist at a university hospital, told us about offering double the usual salary to fill a compounding pharmacist position, yet no takers. The candidates are choosing different career paths, leaving critical roles unfilled.

Another client, who runs a small pharmacy, is so short on help that he's doing everything himself—working day and night. He's not just keeping his business alive; he's there for patients who rely on specially tailored medications that can't be found off the shelf.

Why Automate Non-Sterile Compounding?

Both examples highlight the growing need for automation in non-sterile compounding. When we hear that pharmacists are losing their passion for their work due to the manual, repetitive nature of their jobs coupled with the high responsibility for patient safety, it’s clear something must change. Pharmacy is a calling—a profession dedicated to helping others. It requires significant knowledge and training, especially in the preparation of personalized medicine. This is something to be proud of, as their work supports children, cancer patients, the elderly, and even animals.

The Role of Automation

Automated technology has transformed sterile manufacturing and is now becoming crucial in non-sterile compounding as well. By automating the most time-consuming steps and integrating better quality controls with robotics, we can make the compounding process not just easier, but also more enjoyable.

Our Mission

We at CurifyLabs are on a mission to ensure that personalized medicines remain available to those who need them, both now and in the future. This means taking care of our invaluable pharmacists and making sure they retain their love for the profession.

By embracing automation, we can help reduce the burden on pharmacy staff, making the creation of personalized medications not only more efficient but also more fulfilling. It's essential for us to support our pharmacists, ensuring that they can continue their important work comfortably and with joy.

Let’s work together to keep the art and science of pharmacy both rewarding and sustainable for the future.

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Photo: our fantastic Niko doing some magic with neomycin