Niklas Sandler Topelius has brought 3D printing of medications to pharmacies – "This has been a major effort"

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Jan 15, 2024 11:15:00 AM

This blog post is a short summary from Mediuutiset 12.1. written by journalist Outi Järvinen: 

"Niklas Sandler Topelius and his company CurifyLabs Oy have introduced a groundbreaking 3D printing technology for medications into the pharmacy market, having conducted trials in 30 pharmacies across nine markets. This technology, initially developed at Åbo Akademi University, is designed for pharmacies and hospital pharmacies to create personalized medications, with a strong focus on pediatric, cardiovascular, cancer, and anti-inflammatory drugs. 

The innovation includes a printer, drug ink for use as an excipient, specialized software, and a quality control system based on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. It represents a modernization of the traditional, manual process of medication production, aiming to eliminate errors and increase efficiency. 

CurifyLabs is actively collaborating with specialists to tailor treatments to patient-specific needs. For example, they have worked with the University Hospital of Angers in France to optimize medications for the elderly and have partnered with Lausanne University Hospital to customize prednisolone therapy for cancer patients. Additionally, they have collaborated with pediatricians at Tartu University Hospital to tailor spironolactone treatments. 

Despite Finland's small market share in ex tempore medication production, CurifyLabs is looking to expand, particularly into the U.S. by 2024. To date, their technology enables 3D printing of 25 out of roughly 200 medications traditionally prepared by hand in pharmacies, with plans to increase this number. The company's development efforts are informed by the needs of the medical field and the potential offered by pharmacogenetics for personalized medicine."


Photo credit: Mediuutiset

Original text in Finnish by Mediuutiset: