Why hasn't challenges related to manual pharmacy compounding been solved yet?

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Nov 17, 2023 11:45:00 AM

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers excited about our technology. This enthusiasm inspires us to rise each morning and continue our journey in shaping the future of personalized medicine.

Initially, not all feedback was this positive. We frequently returned to the drawing board, rethinking our approach time and again. Developing a technology that integrates pharmaceuticals, engineering, and quality control is a complex task.

Sometimes, we are asked why no one has previously accomplished this. It's a good question! The need for improved methods of compounding medicines is clear, and the advantages of personalized medicine are well-recognized. So, why hasn't this challenge been solved yet?

Our response is straightforward: it's difficult. This complexity is why it hasn't been done before. Adding to this, navigating the highly regulated pharmaceutical field requires solutions that are not only innovative but also fully compliant with regulatory standards.

Collaborating with pharmacists across Europe, we have tackled this challenge, bringing immense benefits to patients. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our dedicated customers!

Here's what the Medical Faculty University Hospital Magdeburg has to say:

"UMMD Pharmacy is on its way to personalized medications with a 3D printer! 💊 This innovative printer enables tailor-made tablets in individual thicknesses. The tablets are made from a special paste that is more pleasant to take. The production is carried out with the help of the 3D printer, which automatically produces the desired tablets. Each tablet is carefully weighed to ensure the highest quality. 🔬 💪

Specialist pharmacist Norman Thiel emphasizes the time and cost savings as well as the improved intake of tablets. Initially, the focus will be on patient groups with swallowing disorders, such as paediatrics, neurology and geriatrics.

The 3D-printed medications have a soft, easy-to-take consistency. In the future, solid tablets and suppositories as well as an expanded range of active ingredients are also planned. The quality and efficacy meet the highest standards and are required by law. Employees are specially trained to operate the printer safely.
The future of drug manufacturing is becoming more and more innovative, and we are excited to see where this technological change takes us! 🔮 💡"

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