Customer Story: Helios Klinikum Erfurt

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Sep 6, 2023 9:51:35 PM

There are many patient groups who deserve personalized medicines, such as children, cancer patients and elderly. On this video, Dr Dominic Fenske from Helios Clinic Erfurt, introduces our technology and the benefits of personalized medicine. We're happy to collaborate with customers like Helios, who want to deliver the very best care for their patients.

3D printing personalized medicines is reality, for the benefits of patients.



Hospital pharmacy tests innovative drug production using 3D printing technology for special patient groups

For the first time, medicines are being produced in our hospital pharmacy using a 3D printer and their quality and requirements are being intensively tested. However, this project is initially a test run to explore the possibilities and potential of the innovative technology.

The main focus of the tests is to verify that the medicines produced using 3D printing meet the highest quality standards and meet the requirements. In particular, the needs of special patient groups are addressed, such as children with heart defects in the children's clinic. The visionary idea is to use 3D printing to produce customized medicines to ensure optimal therapy.

A special feature of the tablets produced by the 3D printer is their unique shape: semi-solid tablets with a consistency and taste similar to gummy bears. This innovative formulation enables children to take medication better, as the tablets dissolve easily in the mouth and are therefore well accepted by the little patients.

In addition to adapting to the growth of children, 3D printing technology opens up a wide range of other possible applications. In the future, medicines can be manufactured individually for each patient according to gender, weight, age and other factors in order to achieve the best possible treatment success. Older patients and people with swallowing difficulties after a stroke also benefit from this innovative dosage form compared to conventional tablets.

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce patient-specific medicines in precisely defined quantities and with customized properties quickly, flexibly and economically. This ensures optimal patient care and improves their quality of life in the long term.

The project is currently in the alpha testing phase. The next step is to go into clinical use with tablets without active ingredients (placebo) and to examine the acceptance of this new dosage form by patients more closely.

This text was published at Helios website 27th of July 2023 and we have translated it to English. Read the full article here.