Sustainability at CurifyLabs

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Jun 25, 2024 10:05:35 PM
Practical Point of Views on Sustainability at CurifyLabs

At CurifyLabs, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our innovation. Our Pharma Kit embodies this commitment through practical and impactful solutions that address key environmental concerns in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Here’s how our technology stands out as a sustainable choice:

On-Demand Manufacturing Reduces Waste

  • Precision Production: With our technology only the necessary amount of tablets are produced on demand, significantly reducing medical waste. Traditional capsule production often results in surplus, as the batch sizes don't always match patient needs. This mismatch leads to unnecessary waste, which our technology effectively mitigates. For instance, with traditional methods you have to make 30- 300 capsules for the patient who only needs 10, meaning the rest is medical waste.

  • Adaptive Dosage for Intensive Care: Patients in intensive care frequently require dose adjustments, which is challenging with current compounding methods. Our Pharma Kit allows for the production of precise doses in required quantities, even when adjustments are frequent, thus minimizing waste.
  • Maximized Utilization: By using the same pharma ink across different doses, we ensure that the formulation is used to its full potential, further reducing waste.

  • Localized Production: Enables localized production of medications, reducing the need for extensive transportation and the associated emissions.

  • Improves Supply Chain Sustainability: By streamlining the supply chain and reducing the dependency on large-scale manufacturing facilities, the Pharma Kit promotes a more sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain.

Easy Cleanability and Contained Manufacturing

  • Reduced Cleaning Requirements: Direct dosing to primary packaging, such as blister packs, and the use of disposable syringes minimize the need for extensive cleaning. This approach not only saves time but also reduces wastewater generation, which is often contaminated with pharmaceutical residues.
  • Resource Efficiency: The Pharma Printer requires minimal resources for cleaning, and the transition from active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to the final product is streamlined and efficient. This efficiency translates to a lower environmental burden.
  • Recyclable Components: Our use of disposable syringes, which can be appropriately recycled, supports a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Fewer Excipients Required

  • Excipients Efficiency: By using ready-to-use printable inks, we significantly reduce the amount of materials that need to be kept in stock. This reduction decreases the likelihood of materials expiring and needing disposal, thus reducing waste.

Our approach at CurifyLabs ensures that our technology not only meets the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness but also adheres to our stringent sustainability goals. By focusing on reducing waste, improving cleanability, and minimizing the need for excess materials, we are proud to lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable future in the pharmaceutical industry.



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