Ultimate Stress Test Of The Pharma Kit

2 min read
Nov 10, 2023 12:16:20 PM

How do you know if your technology is easy to use?

In the world of pharmacy compounding, speed, precision and efficiency are paramount. Every step in this manufacturing process of pharmacy-tailored preprations must be executed with utmost accuracy. We know how busy pharmacist are and understand, that new technology has to be fast and easy to onboard. Laboratory equipment is typically handled by trained pharmacists or lab technicians, but what happens when someone completely unfamiliar with the pharmaceutical world attempts to operate one? In this blog post, we will explore how our Finance Controller, Sebastian put a Pharma Printer to the test and successfully mastered it in just 40 minutes.

The Unlikely Tester

Sebastian, our Finance Controller with no prior experience in a laboratory setting, was the unlikely candidate chosen to test the ease of use of our Pharma Kit. His background primarily revolves around numbers, spreadsheets, and financial management – a far cry from the world of pharmaceuticals. However, the goal was to determine whether the Pharma Printer's user interface and functionality were intuitive for individuals outside the traditional pharmacy realm to use effectively.

The Experiment

We have invested a lot in building work-flows that are intuitive and built for pharmaceutical 3D printing and we wanted to see if one can use the device with very litle or no assistance. After a 10 minute training with our Key Account Manager, Joerg, Sebastian was ready for the ultimate test.  

The Results

As expected, the Pharma Printer turned out to be incredibly user-friendly and with a logical work flow. Here are some key takeaways from his experience:

  1. Intuitive Interface: The pharma printer's interface was designed with simplicity in mind. Sebastian quickly navigated through the menu options and found it easy to understand the various settings, such as label size, font, and content. The touch screen interface made it even more accessible.
  2. Minimal Learning Curve: Despite his lack of experience, Sebastian was able to start printing medication within minutes of interacting with the pharma printer. He reported that the device's straightforward design and user-friendly prompts made it easy for him to grasp the basics.
  3. Speed and Efficiency: One of the most remarkable aspects of Sebastian's experience was the printer's speed, it prints one tablet in 1 second!


The Pharma Printer stress test, conducted by an unlikely candidate, revealed that these vital pieces of pharmaceutical technology are designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Sebastian, a Finance Controller with no prior laboratory experience, was able to master the printer in just 40 minutes. This impressive outcome speaks volumes about the accessibility and intuitive nature of our Pharma Printers ensuring that pharmacists can effectively take it to use in their pharmacies with the benefit of saving time from manual work.