An interview with the University Pharmacy in Finland

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Nov 28, 2023 11:49:13 AM

We spoke with Katja Kammonen, Production Manager, at the University Pharmacy in Finland (Yliopiston Apteekki):

Q: Can you provide an overview of the pharmacy where you work and your role there?

I’m Katja Kammonen and responsible for University Pharmacy’s pharmaceutical manufacturing. University Pharmacy is a pharmacy group owned by the University of Helsinki, and its profits are used to fund education and research.

50 people in our company are specialised in the manufacturing of medicines. We prepare 15,000 extemporaneous medicine orders every year.

University Pharmacy is the only manufacturer of several rare medicines in Finland. We manually produce medicines for the customers of about 500 private pharmacies and the public healthcare sector.

How can 3D printing technology improve your daily work?

We have tested CurifyLabs’ technology in our pharmaceutical manufacturing. I believe that 3D printing offers interesting opportunities and benefits for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. 3D printing can produce rare pharmaceuticals of a consistent quality and enable more personalised drug treatments for patients.

What do you foresee happening in the near future regarding personalized medicine?

I believe that personalized medication will become more common in the future. Patients’ genes will be taken into account when prescribing medication and the manufacturing of medicines will become more personalised. Personalized drug treatments can also open up completely new treatment options and improve treatment outcomes.

Extemporaneous manufacturing is already a form of personalized drug treatment we offer. 3D printing expands the possibilities for personalized manufacturing and offers patients a convenient way to administer their medicines.

About the University Pharmacy:

The University Pharmacy, owned by the University of Helsinki, is a pharmacy group and a social enterprise that allocates its profits to education and research. It has been catering to people's well-being for over two and a half centuries.

The University Pharmacy operates in three business areas: 17 physical pharmacies, an online pharmacy, and healthcare services. The healthcare services include dose dispensing and antibiotic pump services.

The University Pharmacy plays a significant role in serving consumers and the healthcare sector. It employs around a thousand people across Finland, with over a hundred different job titles within the conglomerate.